Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Artist's Cemetery

This is a cemetery at the First Congregational Church in Truro where a number of prominent Provincetown and Truro Artists are buried. I have counted at least fourteen who are buried here including Charles Hawthorne and Hans Hoffman.

I don't know why the various Provincetown artists are buried here rather than in Provincetown itself, but it is certainly a beautiful setting and one of my favorite destinations for a walk.

I also like to paint here. The headstones grow a particular yellow lichen that I find attractive.

The Artist's Cemetery Oil 14x18

In answer to a question about where I got my information: I have extensive familiarity with Cape Cod artists, both past and present and I have actually spent a great deal of time exploring in this cemetery. I have not gone through the cemetery records, so it is possible that there are even more artists buried in this cemetery than the ones that I have found simply by walking around.


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